The World's Number 1 professional products
for Lash Stylists and Brow Artists.

InLei® is the first 100% Italian-made brand of eyelash and eyebrow products. We are professionals in the eyelash and eyebrow industry. Over the years, we have developed products for lash and brow lamination and tinting intended for professional use.

▪ Our Lash Filler treatment for eyelash lamination is the first globally with proven effectiveness in hair thickening.
▪ Our Brow Bomber treatment for eyebrow lamination revolutionized the world of brow artists.

Our products have already reached more than 25 countries around the world!


At InLei®, Research has a precise meaning: COLLABORATION! This collaboration involves two main parts:

⁃ The development of the product by cosmetic chemists.
⁃ The evaluation of the effectiveness of the product by expert technicians.

We are convinced that a product cannot be excellent if it does not come from the collaboration between the chemists and the experts.
The continuous Know-How exchange within our company allows a constant evolution and production of new projects and a quality level never seen before.



Our products are all Made in Italy. We want to point this out because we are proud to have created a line of products of the highest quality, internationally recognized. After deep lab research, we move on to manufacturing: this is an essential step that follows stringent procedures and controls to hit the market with a safe and high-quality product.

We always care about what our customers want. Once a product is launched, we carefully analyze all the feedback.

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Our brand gathers many populations under its name, each with its own features but all connected by a great desire to grow together. We work closely with our representatives worldwide, and this synergy allows us to improve day by day. InLei® is not just a brand. It is, first of all, a big family!

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An initial idea, a project studied in every detail and a lot of passion!

The positive feedback came one after the other, allowing us to achieve unbelievable goals. Our story is different from all the others: an unbeatable couple has transformed in a few years into a fantastic team. Love, quality, technique, and innovation are the key, but the real secret is never to stop dreaming: every goal achieved is only the beginning of the next journey!

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